Headmistress's Message

Someone has said that Education is weapon launched into the future, using children as missiles.

The lotus blooms in murky waters, CBS Beliaghata was started in the year 2010, and initial rented rooms in the Lee Collins Institute, till Class – IV.

It is only on 29th June, 2016, that the school found its permanent presume at 9, Beliaghata Main Road. A temporary structure was built, and now we look forward to a permanent building coming up. CBS Beliaghata was a dream come true. Right from clearing debris, to putting up a boundary wall, to construct the present structure that housed for the last 2 years. We are now in great expectation of our permanent school coming up.

We have a great heritage – a history of 140 years, of serving the educational need of a nation. Our mentor, in all thing, spiritual, moral and education, has been our parent school, CBS situated at 72, S.N. Banerjee Road. It was born out of the vision, Bishop James Mills Thoburn and supported by PhilanThropers, like Sir Robert Laidlaw, Bishop F.W. Warne and Rev. Gorge S. Henderson. The missionary zeal of ethical teaching combined with a passionate caring attitude was the hall mark of the school’s character. Hence it is this characteristic that has permeated down through the centuries in all the four branches of CBS, thus highlighting the character of the school, making it from other institutions of learning.

CBS Beliaghata, is one of the very few good English medium schools in North Calcutta. Hence, we have been welcomed with open arms, we are proud to have made a mark in what is known as “adi Kolkata”and in a matter of 3 years have made our presence felt. We are thankful to the local administrator of KMC counsellors and MLA Shri Paresh Pal for having beautified our school facade, and we have a pristine pavement, with the statues of Mother Teresa and Jesus Christ, casting their blessings on our school and on all who pass by.

CBS Beliaghata has now a roll strength of 300 plus, for the session 2018 – 19. We are unable to take in more because more classrooms are needed. Parents are eager to enrol their children with us because of our holistic approach to education. The emphasis is not in Academics alone, but in all those activities that build up one’s character and moral. Hence, we give equal importance to Games, to Boy Scouts to drama, debate and music as well. We have watched our children over the years, grow into well balanced, young human beings.

We are close to reaching the ICSE Board Examinations in another 4 years. It will be a day of great celebration, when the tiny tots we have nurtured, will leave school as mature, mentally proficient and emotionally sound, young gentlemen – credit to their parents and to the school which has cared for them over 12 long years.

We pray for God’s blessing, on each one of our students, parents and most of all to our Chairman, the RT Rev. Bishop P.S. Masih, to Mr. Raja McGee, our principal and supportive members of our Managing Committee. We are waiting and watching this sapling school, develop into a mighty oak tree!

In God we trust.

Mrs. Montoo Rakhit

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